I’m new to this, but…


I never liked this “Introduction”; it sounds too much like the inside flap of a novel that the editor wrote about the author ( you know, the one with a picture of the author in a green turtleneck, looking mysteriously out into the snow-filled woods….yeah, that one). I want it to sound like I’m sitting right across from you…at a table in Olive Garden or something like that, so I’ve been working on a “RE-introduction”. It’s coming soon; I hope you enjoy it!!


Welcome to OUTED & About in the South! My name is , but you can call me Kay. I’m a 17-year old lesbian (butch stud boi???) from a small town in Arkansas, and major experiences in my life can be counted on one hand. Am I a sheltered innocent who will soon be thrusted into an unyielding world with no protection? No one knows, but we soon will. The purpose of this blog is to share my story (however boring it may be) with strangers from all over the world, so if you’re interested, stick around for a while, and let’s explore this life together.


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