Us girls have a rule here in Eldo (my town): If you’re not boo’d up, you’re nothing. The term “boo’d up” is used VERY loosely. It can mean anything from an exclusive relationship of 14 years to plain fuck buddies. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re married to the guy/girl of your dreams or if you and whole neighborhood are banging out every night; you’re a major step up from the girl who’s single because ain’t nobody worf sumthin finna be single in dese skreetz! (just a little bit of that good old Eldo dialect for ya)

Ok, so I’m exaggerating (a little bit, anyway), but you would think this rule ACTUALLY existed from the way everybody is always hounding me about getting a girlfriend. Even my best friend’s parents jump on me for not being boo’d up like the other 99.9% of this damn town. People are constantly speculating as to why my Facebook relationship status never changes from “Single” (or why it never changed, rather; I deleted my FB page some weeks ago). They always think a.) I’m too shy to get a girlfriend, b.) I have a girlfriend and won’t tell anybody, or c.) I simply can’t get a girlfriend. In reality, I JUST DON’T WANT ONE!!!

  1. I’m still on my self-discovery journey.  I’m only 17-years old. Myself and I have not known each other for long; we’ve been through the meet-and-greet, and we’re just starting our “Getting Acquainted” workshop. I can’t possible offer myself as an emtional investment to someone when I don’t even know all the package contents.
  2. I’ve got more important things to worry about. Like balancing school and work, graduating, or paying my car note every month….or that damn letter from Tulane.
  3. This town is little too small. A good lesbian dating scene is not possible in a town like this. Everybody knows just about everybody….which means everybody’s been with JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY (this is a known fact here, not just speculation). Or hell, the girl might even be my first cousin; I’m kin to almost everyone here.
  4. Too many “temporary lesbians” . I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this phrase: I only fool around with girls because I haven’t found a good boyfriend yet. I’m sorry, but I will NOT be that little piece of notebook paper that you chew for a little while because you’re out of gum and your jaw is feeling restless. Go buy a pack of Stride and leave me the hell alone.
  5. I have standards. This reason is most important. I don’t mean to sound self-righteous or anything, but everyone has standards, and mine are a bit higher than anything I’ve seen in my peers. I like complexity. Be able to make me laugh at the silliest thing, then blow my mind with some thought-provoking intellect. Show me a range of intests; be multi-faceted. I don’t wanna be with someone whose only interests are Facebook drama and parties. The Olympics doesn’t set the bar low so every pole vaulter can jump across effortlessly; they put that sucker high to find the vaulters who DERSERVE to get over that bar, you know?
  6. Nicki Minaj is RUINING young girls. True enough, this doesn’t apply to every girl, but it’s running rampant enough that it should be on the list. The gay girls here LOVE Nicki, and they wanna be just like her. The pink/multi-colored weave, the “creative” fashion, the stupid facial expressions and Minaj slang, the “Ms. Barbie” Facebook usernames; I swear, it drives me INSANE!!  I didn’t play with Barbies as a kid, and I sure as hell won’t start now.

To those people so concerned with my relationships (or lack of), I just let them think whatever they want. If I’m nothing because I don’t have a girlfriend that is the epitome of what turns me off, then I’ll just have to stay nothing for a little longer.


6 Comments to “Single=NOTHING!”

  1. Standing ovation for this one! You’re doing the right thing by taking your time and following your ideas, dreams, passions. Go do amazing things, that whole relationship thing will sort itself out in the end. I wish I could tell you that 11 years from now finding quality women gets easier, but that would be lying.

  2. were gonna be happy and live our lives just as straight people do… exept better..

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