I haven’t blogged since last year…

Dang, it’s been a long time, huh? First of all, happy new
year to everyone! I hope New Year’s Day was amazing and fun-filled
for y’all. New Year’s for me was….so-so. I really wanted to be in
Louisiana, but you know, the whole “job” thing was kinda in the
way. I’ve been intending to update for a good little while, but as
you can see, my intentions didn’t go over as planned. It wasn’t
(completely) my fault, though. I blog from my iPod, and the
server’s been down on my neighbors’ wireless Internet for about two
weeks now. My sister Brie and I pooled our monies together and bought a
router for the house so we can stop stealing
politely borrowing the neighbors’ Internet. Yay us, right?

Anyhoo, I’m due for work in a bit, so it’ll be later!!


One Comment to “I haven’t blogged since last year…”

  1. I just posted this yesterday before work. I wonder why the post date is December 28…hmm…

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