So, I wrote this today…

…and I thought I’d post it on here. It’s like a poem or whatever, and I wanted to share it with whoever reads this blog (that’s assuming anybody comes on here anyway since I haven’t posted in a while). Can’t lie, I kinda miss blogging (even though I rarely blogged anyway). I’ve decided to start posting regularly now, figured I might as well start with this…portrait of how I’m feeling and where I am in life emotionally.

How does one begin to dismantle a non-existent entity that DOES exist, but only in the eye of the beholder? How does one grip the reins of a reality befuddled with confusion and pain? Where do the emotions flow from, the good and the bad, and where can one send them once the intolerable pleasure turns to unyielding pain? The creation is stuck in the murky waters of love, lust, patience, pain, rejection, depression; ears cannot hear the soothing words of the Maker, reassurance of His love above all others, and the reverence gives way to inevitable human suffering of love, a paradox that is known to mankind all too well…

Honestly, don’t even know what this shit means, but it’s me right now….le sigh…

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