So you wanna know about me, eh?

About me…hmm, let’s see:
17-year old senior in High school
African-American a.k.a. Black (or brown, in my case)
Future Pre-Med student (maybe?)
Semi-avid gamer (love my 360)
Daughter of an asshole (dear old Dad)
Extreme music lover
Avid Bibliophile
Great friend (or so I’ve been told)
Not so great with religion (and I live in the South…go figure)
Also not so great with labels…I’ve yet to find one that mirrors me
Can be EXTREMELY complicated due to mood swings (is that all women, or just me?)
Views the world through cynical, yet innocent eyes
Loves women of all shapes, race, and size (especially Beyoncé!)

I think that pretty much sums me up…kinda…. 🙂

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